So, IMDb Apparently Hates The Bachelor More Than You Do

Chris Harrison gives none of the fucks.

The extremely and excruciatingly low ratings IMDb keeps giving the The Bachelor has always been a bit of a mystery. With a show spanning almost 20 seasons, has aired for more than a decade and STILL has steady ratings and a viewership between 8-9 million, it doesn’t make any sense that IMDb ratings for the Bachelor brand ranges between 2-4 stars.

So, why are the ratings so low? Well, firstly, you need to understand what IMDb is and how it works. IMDb is a site that rates movies and TV programs. Currently it is the number one choice GLOBALLY to get your movie and TV reviews from. IMDb works on a system where all members (membership is free; you just have to register) can give their personal vote/review in the form of stars – one being the worst and ten being the best. And in the words of IMDb themselves: “We take all individual votes cast…the rating displayed on a film’s page is a weighted average.”

That generally makes good sense. Plus it’s a very fair system; by the people for the people, right? Not quite. This is where things get weird. That “weighted average” that sounded so great a minute ago, is not what you think at all. In fact, no-one knows what it actually means! When IMDb was asked to define “weighted average”, their response was: “A weighted average means that some votes have more weight than others in our calculations.”

What IMDb is basically saying is that some of their member’s opinions matter more than others! How is this hierarchy decided and how is it managed? Once again, IMDb is avoiding real answers and simply takes in a very defensive stance. The one thing IMDb didn’t count on is the fact that not everyone is total idiot.  I mean, logically, if the 8-9 million Bachelor viewers all voted and all their votes counted equally as much as any other, the rating would be much higher.

So, naturally, someone had the guts to query the system: “I made my own calculations and the rating for movie or show XYZ should be 7.7, not 4.3! What gives?” Their response was very mature and straightforward. In fact, the answer was so transparent that we now all understand the way IMDb’s ratings work… Or not. “We do not disclose our rating/weighting scheme so you can’t possibly know what the weighted rating should be. Please remember that the rating is weighted – it’s not the arithmetic mean value of the votes.”

All I’m hearing is “blah-blah-blah, our system makes no mathematical sense, has no rhyme or reason and is very subjective – you cannot trust our opinion”. So, what’s the real reason for Bachelor’s low ratings? Only IMDb knows, and they’re not telling.

That, or Chris Soules really brought this ship down.