Ben Higgins and the Most Boring Bachelors Ever

It's a whole new type of suck!

Sean Lowe, eat your heart out. Ben Higgins has been named the 20th The Bachelor and we’re all fidgeting in our seats anticipating the boredom that lies ahead.

He actually even received the following advice on live television: “Don’t be as boring as Chris Soules and just don’t be Juan Pablo.”

Tall. Order.

Let’s hope he takes the advice to heart, because I think we can all agree that Juan Pablo is the worst Bachelor of all time and that there have been more than a few Bachelors that’s summa cum lauded their in Boring degree. Let’s take a quick look at those who made us catch the most z’s:

Charlie O’Connell, Season 7

His brother is famous!

This is probably the most ironic name on this list. As the brother of a famous actor and a self-professed struggling actor, no-one would have guessed that we would struggle to stay awake during this hunk of boring’s search for love. It seemed that not even Charlie himself could deal with it all and had to keep things interesting by…well…constantly drinking. Apparently the drinking was also why the relationship between him and his final rose, Sarah Brice, eventually ended.

Andy Baldwin, Season 10

Not to be confused as any of the entertaining Baldwin brothers! The only perk about this Bachelor was the amount of time he had to spend in uniform on the show. The rest of the time we were all trying our best not to doze off before the rose ceremony. With Andy’s history it’s not hard to see why this season took a big nose-dive off a cliff. He grew up in Amish country, was a valedictorian student, enrolled in the navy and then graduated as a naval doctor that later won a humanitarian award. If you think this sound a bit like a prince that just stepped out of a Disney movie, you’re not wrong. But its worth mentioning that no-one watched Cinderella for Prince Eric.

Jake Pavelka, Season 14

Where do we begin with Jake Pavelka? At first he was a Bachelor fan favorite (everything nice, with sugar and spice) and then he turned into this crazy narcissist that couldn’t even change someone’s opinion about him on the show, H8R. Subsequently he had a little toddler tantrum about that as well. The worst quote he received during his stint as the Bachelor was that “it would be more exciting watching paint dry”. Maybe if he was his narcissistic self, the season would have been more entertaining.

Chris Soules, Season 19

And the winner as the ultimate boring Bachelor is Chris Soules! Or as people around the globe now refer to him; “the boring farmer”.

He's got nothing to say.

Some hardcore Chris fans are defending his dreariness by saying that Chris isn’t boring; he just got overwhelmed by the crazy and chaotic behavior of the women. Well, the sad fact is Chris; people would’ve stopped tuning in a loooooong time ago if it wasn’t for the crazy and chaotic behavior of the women. The most sensation we got out of this season was what happened during the break-up (a mere two months after the cameras were switched off).

The 5 Most Scandalous Bachelor Moments of All Time

Happily Ever...oh, right.

There’s a reason why we keep tuning into The Bachelor even after 19 seasons. Not only are we gripped by all the girls competing for their happily-ever-after, but we keep watching due to the fact that the show is constantly riddled with drama and surprises that not even the producers could’ve predicted.

For more than a decade we have followed the journey of various Bachelors and Bachelorettes and they have all had their own unique and unexpected twists, but there are a few of these scandalous moments that definitely outrank some of the others. We have gathered the 5 most scandalous Bachelor moments of all time!

The Melissa vs. Molly Saga

Who could ever forget this historic Bachelor moment?! We all sat shocked as we watched Jason dump Melissa on live television, and then continue with a declaration of love to Molly, asking her to give him another chance. Even after all these years’ people are still struggling to make peace with it; why would Molly take him back?! And how do you justify them being one of the few lasting Bachelor marriages?!


When you go onto reality TV declaring that you are there in search of the love of your life, it’s only natural to spend as much time as possible…alone…in the dark… with one of the producers of the show – right? Yes, Chris Harrison also didn’t buy that, and Rozlyn (as well as her producer “friend”) was sent packing. The only thing more ridiculous than what happened is that she still denies the affair to this day! Pssst, Rozlyn! Reality TV means cameras everywhere.

The Fantasy Suite Nickname

We all know that one of the unspoken rules of the Bachelor is that what happens in the Fantasy Suite stays in the Fantasy Suite. Unfortunately for Ed, Jillian didn’t adhere to this code. She wouldn’t go into details of what happened behind those closed doors, but lovingly gave him the nickname E.D. Now no one can say his name without thinking about his “out-of-order-tools”.

Brad rejected BOTH

Brad is probably one of the most loved Bachelors as well as the Bachelor who has received the most airtime and opportunities to find love without ANY success. We still can’t figure out if he simply has really bad luck or if the guy is just too picky when not even the two final ladies (he chose!) made the Brad cut.

Jake & Vienna

Imagine you saw your best friends last week and they were the happiest couple you knew. Now imagine a week later and they are getting a divorce and can’t even be in the same room with one another without friends and family having to restrain them.


This is pretty much how millions of viewers felt as they stared incredulously at their TV screens, whilst sweet Jake turned into an aggressive and verbally abusive douchebag and Vienna was reduced to an apocalyptic meltdown case…on live TV.