Oh No, Nick and Samantha Aren’t Gonna Make It

Samantha and Nick weren't a match? Seriously?

Who even gives any of the shits. Yeah, it was a mild surprise that Samantha Steffern and Nick Peterson stuck with each other at the end of last season’s Bachelor in Paradise, but it really felt like it was just the two of them saving face.

Like, they huddled together before filming wrapped up and were like, “People seem to think we’re pretty shitty and in this for all the wrong reasons. Let’s pretend to actually like each other”.

Consider us fooled. Or we didn’t care at all to begin with. Or most of us didn’t believe you.

And now you’re not together and we care even less. This, coming from the girl who told like five guys she was coming on the show for her, told Joe to do “whatever it takes” to get a rose, then spurned Joe and was extremely touch and go throughout the show.

Congrats, Sam, ya stayed on the island. You’re really good at lying and stuff.

And Nick is the guy who burned his partner for all of the monies back on the final Bachelor Pad, you know, when there was something tangible about this show LIKE FREAKING MONEY.

Regardless of what you believe, it does SEEM like these two were together to some degree after the show, but now they’re not. And nothing has changed, really.